Streamer Tools App Released!

Ver. 1.0.1
Streamer Tools App Released!

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here… my Streamer Tools App!

Why an app and not just an online tool like the others?

The biggest problem an online tool faces is that the browser limits an app’s ability to interact with your computer for even simple things like reading a file list.

This is why the old video randomizer required you to edit code inside the downloaded file to get it to work. With the downloadable app I can do things like gather your videos for you with a file selection dialog or, even better, allow you to make randomizers with simple drag-and-drop. I can even manage your randomizers for you from within the app.

These overall enhancements allow me to give you an app that (taking a page from Apple) just works.

The elephant in the room… how do you trust me?

I understand that there are a lot of bad eggs out there and I can not convince you that I’m one of the good guys. So, all the source code is available on Github for you to read through. I know that’s not exactly easy for everyone to understand or be able to determine that it’s safe but it’s a start. If you want to internet stalk me a bit to see what kind of a person I am…

Please feel free to view a bit more about me:

Future plans

I have plenty of big plans for this application now that it’s finalized and released. A few of the enhancements that I have planned are:

  • OBS Studio Plugin Management - Install and uninstall OBS Studio plugins with simple toggles from within the StreamerEdu Tools App.
  • Stream Challenge Tracker - Similar to Dr. Disrespect’s triple threat challenge. This tool would allow you to set goals and check/uncheck them inside the application to update on your stream.
  • Stream Bingo Generator - Generate a Bingo card that your viewers can participate in.
  • OBS Studio Disgnostics - Gather and upload log files so that I can assist you in fixing problems and performance issues within your copy of OBS Studio.

…and many more things that I’m sure will pop into my head. If you’re a developer and would like to get involved. Send me a DM or tweet. If you’d like to support development with a donation I have a Ko-fi account for you to be able to do that.

Many late nights, many Monster Energy cases, many pizza orders are part of the development of this application so anything is appreciated!


As always, any shares, likes, or Tweets are massively helpful!

Enjoy the tool and follow me on social for any updates!

Watch the YouTube Installation Tutorial!

Streamer Tools App
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