YouTube Playlist Randomizer

Randomize YouTube Videos in OBS Studio the Easy Way!


Ver. 2.1.0

Add a randomized YouTube playlist to your stream in OBS Studio using the built-in browser source! My simple tool is an online form that is the quickest way to randomize a YouTube playlist and put into your streams! Simply configure your animation using the online form, copy the URL from the browser preview, and paste into an OBS Studio browser source and the text will animate based on your selections.

Tutorial video coming soon! I released the tool when it was done in development rather than holding it back and also waiting for the tutorial video to be done.

If you happen to have any issues check out the troubleshooting page or don’t hesitate to send me a Tweet or DM to ask for some help.

And of course… tweeting me to let me know you’re using it, shares, and referrals are always appreciated!

Customize Your Randomizer

Please only supply the YouTube playlist ID and not the full URL. The playlist must be public.
How long the tool will wait to start the video playback.
How loud the video playback will be.
Whether or not to randomize the order of the playlist videos.
Tells the tool to repeat the videos forever.