OBS Studio Mastery
OBS Mastery

OBS Studio from Youngling to Master!

Self-paced lessons for you to become an OBS Studio Master. Learn all of the essential and advanced skills of so that setting up and maintaining your stream requires zero guess work.

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Testimonial from killatac

Chris is by far the most professional and knowledgeable with SLOBS and OBS. He's helped me tremendously in fine tuning my visuals for my stream and he's an expert with audio and sounds! Whether it's a complex setup with a mixer and compressor or a simple one with just setting up a headset he's definitely the person you want explaining it.

OBS Mastery

Gain Confidence in Your Stream

No more asking in Discord, forums, or groups and waiting for an answer. Regardless of your current skill level, I will teach you new and valuable skills that will give you complete confidence in your chosen OBS Studio setup.

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Testimonial from TheBeardedWolverine

Chris "Darth" has helped me a lot with a wide variety of situations that involve streaming! He helped me build my first ever PC and troubleshoot all the issues I had along the way. He helped me adjust my OBS settings so my stream is smooth and crisp for all of my viewers and has continued to help me freshen up my stream with all of his tools!

OBS Mastery

Learn the Hidden Secrets

Unlock the hidden gems within OBS Studio to have total power over your broadcast. Studio mode to edit scenes while live, advanced audio properties, advanced stream stats, websocket servers, and more! I'll share all the unique secrets I've learned over years of technical support.

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Course Outline

Final course outline may be different once published. I'm working on it daily and rearanging things as I find they make more sense in a different order.

Section 1: Youngling

Installation and first time walk-through
Getting OBS Studio ready to stream
Most important settings to understand

Section 2: Padawan

Individual source type settings breakdown
Advanced transformation techniques
Replay buffer and quick saving instant replays

Section 3: Knight

Advanced audio techniques
Video filters walk-through
Audio filters walk-through

Section 4: Master

Piece of Mind: Protect your profiles and scenes
Hidden Gems: Settings configuration
Productivity Hack: Scene & source management

Coming Soon!

The course is currently being recorded and will be releasing soon! Get notified the moment it's available by filling out the form below! Subscribe to be notified and receive my eBook guide OBS Studio Stream Setup Checklist as a FREE gift!