Image Animator

Animated Images in OBS Studio the Easy Way!


Ver. 2.1.0

Add animated images to your stream in OBS Studio using the built-in browser source! My simple tool is an online form that is the quickest way to put an animated image into your streams! Simply configure your animation using the online form, copy the URL from the browser preview, and paste into an OBS Studio browser source and the text will animate based on your selections.

Tutorial video coming soon! I released the tool when it was done in development rather than holding it back and also waiting for the tutorial video to be done.

If you happen to have any issues check out the troubleshooting page or don’t hesitate to send me a Tweet or DM to ask for some help.

And of course… tweeting me to let me know you’re using it, shares, and referrals are always appreciated!

Customize Your Image Animator

The publicly available online location of your image. The browser source will not have access to any files on your computer. I'm unable to host images for you at this time but services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur, or even Discord can host your images on the internet for this tool to be able to access them.
Defaults to transparent. Will show up as white in browser testing but transparent in OBS Studio. Use Google Color Picker to select a color and paste in either HEX value into this box.
Tells the tool whether or not to reveal your image with an animation.
The animation that will be used to reveal your image.
How long the tool will wait to start the enter animation. This allows you to delay your image reveal to compensate for things like stinger transition length or even just an arbitrary amount of time you want to wait to show your image.
How long the enter animation will take to completely reveal your image.
Tells the tool to repeat the enter animation forever. Note: This overrides all below setttings.
How long your image will stay on screen. Only used when the repeat animation forever setting is set to "Yes".
Tells the tool whether or not to hide your image with an exit animation. When set to "No" your image will remain on screen forever or until the browser source is hidden or the scene is switched to again.
The animation that will be used to hide your image.
How long the exit animation will take to completely hide your image.